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Since you are visiting this website, it seems that you are planning to travel to Isfahan most probably. Therefore, we should congratulate you warmly as Isfahan is the jewel of tourism in Iran and a journey with memorable moments awaits you.

It should be noted that, visiting Isfahan initiates with stepping into Naqsh-e Jahan Square, where incredible and nesting bazaars have connected awesome monuments such as Shah Mosque, Ālī Qāpū palace and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

Surprisingly, Keryas hotel is just located at the neighboring wall of all the mentioned historical monuments!

A Qajar Building

The building of the Keryas Hotel is a jewel of the architecture survived from Qajar era with nearly two centuries of history. Indeed, our guests in this hotel are the only tourists who by staying in such a fabulous building and therefore, they will take full advantage of the journey to Isfahan that can be the most precious souvenir for them. In fact, such memorable experiences can't be forgotten easily.

Each room is unique and narrates its own story: three doors (A Sedari), five doors (A Panjdari), a yard, an azure dock and the unique roof.

Moreover, Keryas has only 15 rooms which makes it a private space that offers guests a peaceful atmosphere in a few steps of crowd in Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its famous market. On the other hand, the most modern facilities are available for offering the maximum comfort and this is the key to guests' full satisfaction.

Best Location

Hotel Keryas is neighbor with Naqsh-e Jahan Square and it is also situated exactly at the foot of the turquoise dome of the Shah mosque. It can be claimed that no such experience in Isfahan comes at all!

Here, after having breakfast in the pretty yard and at the foot of that marvelous and immense turquoise, just by stepping out of Keryas, you will find yourself in the ancient Isfahan.

If you are going to visit Naqsh-e Jahan Square, it can be reached within 2 or 3 minutes by walk. And, if you are looking forward to visit other historical and ancient monuments of Isfahan, they will all be in a short distance that can be accessed by cheerful pace.

Just have a look at the list below to find out that choosing Keryas Hotel is an unforgettable stay in Isfahan that you can feel yourself in Safavid era:

  • Shah Mosque: In neighborhood
  • Ālī Qāpū Palace: 6 minutes by walk
  • Jameh Mosque: 10 minutes by car
  • Chehel Sotoun: 11 minutes by walk
  • Hasht Behesht: 12 minutes by walk
  • Vank Cathedral: 13 minutes by car
  • Lonban Mosque: 13 minutes by car
  • Chaharbagh School: 14 minutes by walk
  • Hakim Mosque: 15 minutes by walk
  • Si-o-se-pol: 25 minutes by walk
  • Khaju Bridge: 30 minutes by walk

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